Dec. 8th, 2006

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I got a PIE from Je-kun XD
It's blueberry, and it's soo good. That makes me happy. Baked goods are some of the neatest things you can get as a gift, because it means that your friends took the time and effort to make it just for you, with your likes in minds and everything ^.^ My mom wants to try some, so I'm trying reaallllyyyy hard not to finish it off just yet. But is sooo hard cause I love blueberries XD mmm baked goods. I really do love food too much. I don't eat large portions or anything, but I eat the wrong things a lot I think ^.^|| Oh well, I can be healthy or I can be happy, y'know? XD

In other news, I'm getting all my rp icons made right now. I've really been procrastinating because well, I'm lazy ^.^|| I wish I could take more characters in Lucentia. It makes me happy to be there, and I really want to get as much rping done as possible! Plus I've been dying to make some Terra icons lately o.o But thats besides the point. My Sker and I have NO characters together! THE HORROR! TxT *cries* I want to rp with my Skkeerrrrr!! *whines*

But alas, Things like that are just not meant to be v.v||
Anyroad, I'm going to dig into my Sweet Tea soon! I love that stuff. Best idea Arizona tea ever had y'know? XD And I'm going to make even MORE icons too because I want to do some photo-manipulating for our dear dear Glyphey. I was thinking maybe, Glyphey should have a last name Je-kun. I mean, if he's going to marry Nami she's going to need a name to take nii? :D *hums*

Sometimes I really feel like my icons are kind of borring. Cause well, all I can really do is add a boarder and occationally some text or gradient screens ^.^|| I think they're nice still though. Like my monochromatic closeup there XD Oh geez, I've run out of thoughts to place here haven't I? Still, it's nice to put these here once in a while....
Be safe my friends ^.^ Be safe and take care.

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What if...
Went on Strike?

Wedding Wars, an original Movie premiering Monday at 9pm on A&E

I'm going to see this. It looks soo awesome. My favorite quote from the previews thus far:

"The Gays are invading the South lawn"


"So what, I'm allowed to plan your wedding but I can't have one of my own?"


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