Oct. 9th, 2006

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Listen to me now, oh future readers, because one of you, may in fact be me.
So it's important for me to say this. Our closest friends in this life, are the people who were our lovers in lives of the past. Those people who cared for us, adored us, fought with us. Those people who's fondest desire was to see us happy, and smiling, and maybe just to be near us for a while.
I am sure, when these people passed on, their hopes and wishes transferred into their next incarnation, and so, when they find us, they become instant friends. They feel that connection and so do we.
Even if our genders have changed.
Even if we have found a new love, a new soul mate, this time around.
They still wish to be close to us, to be there for us.
And I believe, the closer the friends is, the stronger your love was before.
What a wonderful thought.

This is my hope, and my wish as well; That in the next life, should we find that we each have someone new, let me at least be close to you dear, and love you as a friend. Or even a family member. And who knows, if our new loves don't work out, maybe we'll find ourselves wrapped in each others arms once more.

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