Dec. 29th, 2009

mangacide: (Living my Youth)
Well folks, Christmas is over. So I suppose I'll do a rundown of things I have and things I'm planning on having. First, let's start with the nerd stuff. I'll use a * rating to indicate enjoyment. 5 out of 5 *'s is a great rating >D and then you know, 4 is above average, 3 is average, etc etc.

When I was 29...It was a very good year )

MDC went into Hibernation, and I had to close Emerald Blues. But some good work was done on the Eifel D20 system, and more work will be done in the coming months. I'm going to try and reopen Emerald Blues if I can. It's the best testing ground for Eifel and I just love role playing with my friends. New additions will have to be made though, like possibly a separate OOC community for the rp. Plus I'm going to have to go and update the Eifel Wiki soon too. So much to do so much to do.

Here's to a busy 2010 everyone. I hope you had a great year, and I hope that next year will be even better!


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