Dec. 25th, 2006

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So, I guess, I'll share with everyone what I got for Christmas this year. I don't know why, but usually it just never occurs to me to talk about this. I guess I just don't talk about my personal life much huh? Probably because by the time I get here, I can't remember anything I wanted to say ^.^|| It's a hazzard of being me y'know XD

Anyroad, I was pretty amazed this year. I don't recall really telling anyone what I wanted. Which means that everything I got was something that someone actually thought about my tastes to get me. Which is really the best kind of gift to me. I love gifts that show that you were actually thinking about the person you were buying for, and not just reading off a list. But I'm getting sidetracked again.

From my mom, I got a big box that had a whole bunch of cool things in it. Color coordinated and everything. I got a blue bathrobe, blue and purple thermal fuzzy socks, a set of pink blue and white plaid flannel pajama, and fuzzy blue slippers that are soo soft and comfortable. They look like I lopped off the cookie monsters feet and started wearing them XDD

My step-grandma also got me pajamas. They're dark blue and sliky and really very pretty. I call them rich people pajamas because thats what they remind me of heh.
My mom also got me the book Eragon, which I wasn't really interested in reading but it's meaningfull anyway because I do read series like Xanth and Acorna the Unicorn girl, and that book is along those lines, you know?

There was a gift for both me and Sker too. My parents got us a digital camera o.o I was really kind of shocked because I know those cost a lot of money ^.^|| But mom said she wanted us to have a camera and thats really cool because I can't count how many times I've said the phrase 'I wish I had a camera for this'.
It's a really neat camera too. It's so small and stuff but it takes really good pictures o.o

I got myself a bunch of stuff for christmas as well, but I don't really feel the need to talk about that. It was pretty much just some manga's and a new outfit for Christmas Eve Dinner.

I was thinking of coloring and editing those screens of Inu-Yasha the other day, and I realized just then I really miss our gamecube and animal crossing. I loved being able to make my own patterns for clothing and stuff. And I loved the finishing game and stuff too. I never did manage to catch an ant v.v||
Right now though I'm really excited about FFVI coming to the gba in march. I still have my snes copy, and I honestly can't wait for it to be portable, so I can have it wherever I am XD
But thats going to have to wait.

Tonight I'm going to chirstmas dinner at my step-grandma's house. It kind of bothers me, since I'm uncomfortable enough with her at my parents house, let alone on her own turf. >.<|| Case in point: Remember I said I got a new outfit for dinner last night? Well, my Mom and I arrived at the restraunt with Sker and my step Dad, and she looks at us both, and goes "Teri (my mom), you look great tonight."
But my Mom is making Rouladen, which she hardly ever makes, so I don't really want to miss it.
Such is life I suppose ^.^||
It makes me so happy to see everyone getting stuff that they really like and being so happy and everything though. ^.^ I hope you're all having a happy holiday season!
Be safe everyone.


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