Sep. 5th, 2006

mangacide: (The Summoner)
It's that time of year again.
The time when nearly all my friends (since you're all younger than me) go back to school, leaving me with pretty much nothing to do durring the day x.x
I should probably try and find some older friends :þ
It's okay though, I mean, I've known Chibi chibi ([ profile] shingowinner) since she was still in middle school. Haha, it blows me away that she's graduated now (I feel so old XD) But thats besides the point I think. ^.^
Anyway, soon it will start getting colder, and they've started the fall programming on tv, so it's cartoons for ages 4 and under on CN now until later in the afternoon.
I wish I could go swimming again before it gets too cold, but I don't think thats going to happen.
But, aside from the swimming, I'm really glad that it's becoming autumn again. Soon it'll be time for halloween costumes, and it'll start cooling down, and we'll get rain, which will take some of the pressure off me for watering the plants.
Also in two months it'll be Sker and my 2 year anniversary. I wonder what I'm going to get him? o.o
I need to find a way to sneak out and surprise him. It's really hard to do that because he's my ride, so we usually end up doing our present shopping together ^.^||
Keeping presents a surprise is really hard because of that. haha, but I'll manage right? :þ
There's something special that I'm hoping for for our anniversary. It's a ring, I have this beautiful orange opal in my jewelry box thats already cut and polished, it just needs to be set. If Sker gets it made into a ring for me, I'll take pictures of it and show you guys. It's so pretty ^.^ I'm not sure what would be a good setting for it though, white or yellow gold x.x It's hard for me to figure out because the colors of the stone (orange-ey red and white) make for a strange contrast to normal metal colors.
I do love fall and winter though. They're my favorite seasons despite the fact that I can't swim durring them.
I love buying presents, and having cocoa, and jack-o-lanterns ^.^ I love rainy and overcast days, and the smell of fall.
Hehe, I'm making my shopping list right now. I'm going to need to get some of the addresses I'm missing though x.x
Yes, I'm starting waayyy early, but I really have no choice. If we try and do it all at once, we won't have the money to get everything. If we spread it out from now up till X-mas time, then we should be able to get everything on the list I think. Someone might get a late present, but that doesn't matter, as long was we can get it at all ^.^||
Enjoy the season everyone! :D


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