Aug. 28th, 2006

mangacide: (Dood)
Apparently, I have a Tidus muse living in my brain....I wonder when he got there o.o
Oh well, I suppose I should preserve this for posterity.

Me: So how'm I doin? XD)
Vai: (lawl, perfect)
Me: yay! You're awesome btw XDD)
Vai: (thanks :P though, Tidus' reactions are priceless. sooooo many Kodack moments)
Me: hehe)
Me: I'm just trying to think of what he'd do :รพ)
Me: Tidus: Lies, LIES! I'm waayyy cooler than she makes me look here!)
Vai: (well, i know how to blackmail Tidus now XD)
Me: hehee XDDD)
Me: Tidus: No! No you don't! *eats the negetives* Ha-HAH!)
Me: But..what if she has a digital camera? o.o)
Me: Tidus: .....)
Vai: ( >3 *does in fact use digi cams*)
Vai: (*runs off to post them online*)
Me: Tidus: Uhm...hey, you wanna see a reeaalllyy cool trick with a blitzball?)
Vai: (*sing-song* Tidus in an aproooooooon~)
Me: Tidus: ACK! Stop that!! *dives for the camera*)
Vai: (*closes the door in his face and laughs insanely*)
Me: Tidus: *slams face first into the door* .....ow...... *slides to the floor slowly*)
Me: Okay okay you guys, can we get back to the rp please?)
Vai:( aaaw, sure)
Me: Tidus: *gets out the brotherhood* Sure, just as soon as I take care of this door...)
Me: .... now.)
Me: Tidus: but-)
Me: now.)
Me: Tidus: oh fine...*narrows eyes at Hilf* you win -this- round.....)
Vai: (i win -all- rounds :P)
Me: hahahah)


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