Jul. 31st, 2006

mangacide: (Dood)
So, this place is strange and new, but it feels comfortable, because of the layout that I find so familiar and gentle to my eyes.
I built this place because I felt so weighted down. My restless mind told me it was time to move to a new place, and I'm quite happy with it I think. I even made a new icon to go with it. Because Prinnies are cooeell :D
My net is cutting in and out right now, because we have these nasty power dips that break the connection >.<
Despite that I still come here, and check my mail and make sure everything is right and good.

Soon, we're going to have our own RO server. It's going to be so cool. If we can just get the program to work. I think there must be something that I'm missing, because we just can't get the thing to let us generate characters v.v||
Of course, for a while we're not going to have anyone but us on it, so that we can learn all the commands and stuff.
It'll be so cool though I think. I'm really ready to have my own server. Even if I can't have everything on it that I'd like, I can still have a lot of things, like the custom pets that I want. And who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to make my own sprites, and then no one will stop me XDDD

In other news, my second run with the gj rp Shiva Dancing is actually going pretty good. I've been able to keep my characters pretty busy, and while the seemingly endless supply of yaoi sex still bothers me, I try to just ignore it wherever I can.

I'm sorry all you yaoi fans out there, but I really will never understand the point of making boys act like girls. Is it an insecurity thing? Do you think that if you play a male character who likes a female character, it makes you a lesbian by default? If you want to act like a girl, play a girl. And even aside from that, it seems more and more to me that male characters in anime and videogame fandoms aren't allowed to have male friends without automatically being labeled as gay. Tef?
I don't run up to my husband when he's with his best friend and accuse him of having sex with the guy, why would anyone paint characters with such a broad and rather biased brush? It's frusterating and confusing to me.
Especially since there are plenty of actual yaoi characters out there for people to like. I'm a huge fan of TouyaxYukito.

I know almost without a doubt that this probably makes me a very unpopular person to rp with. because I'm not interested in that sort of thing and sometimes I even go the oposite way if I think the characters personality would lead them in such a direction. But you know, for the most part, the people that I meet that are into that, aside from that one confounding aspect, they're usually really nice, fun, cool people. I don't mind talking to them about most subjects. But I'm often afraid to get in a conversation with them about the kinds of pairs I like and don't like because I don't want to run into that one barrier.
I guess I'm a wimp or something, I dunno ^.^||

It's like Rubens said in Legend of Mana, I don't want to interfier in anyone's life, and I don't want them to interfier in mine. Well, okay, maybe not that cold. Haha, anyone who can stand reading for this long must be a real good friend. To put up with my radical ideas XDDD

Anyroad, we saw superman...6 Times! Can you belive it? o.o We're crazy, Sker and I. But hey, it was worth it ya know? It's still good even after that many times. I wish I could take some better screenshots though. The one I got was so dark >.<
Ah well, nothing you can really do huh?

Just so you know though, just cause I moved doesn't mean I'm killing off anything. [livejournal.com profile] jett_inc_ooc is still up as well as all my active rps. So if you feel like rping, swing on by okay? I promise to respond as long as my connection holds out XDDDD
That is if anyone wants to rp with me at all v.v||

Ahh yes, I feel the dreaded rp-related depression creeping up on me once again, so I'd better get off this thing before I bring everybody down. I'm kind of tired anyway. So, until I see you again,

Good night and good luck.


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