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Well, this month decided to deal on last parting blow before it ended in the form of the death of our hot water heater.

On Saturday the home heath provider that takes care of Grandma called our attention to the fact that there was a waterfall eminating from the top of your water heater shed. Which caused us to have to shut the water off in the house. We couldn't get ahold of our plumber, so the weekend was spent with no showers and no toilet. It was not a fun thing. So finally today the plumber comes and says the last thing I wanted to hear: The water heater is unsalvagable and needs to be replaced. With 3 more days until we have money, this came at a very bad time indeed. So they call their boss and he calls me and we talk for a few minutes and he tells me that to replace the Water Heater it will be about 500$, and their payment system is; pay half now, and then make payments for the remainder. We don't have 250$ right now, so it looks like it's going to be a few more days at least before we have hot water again.

On the very small upside, they managed to cap off the flow of the water to the hot water heater, and turned the gas off to it. So we at least have cold water for cooking and toileting. After the eye problems, computer problems, and now this, I'm quite ready for this month to be over. Even the things that went right seem to pale in comparrison to all the things that have been wrong this month. This crappy month need to be killed...with FIRE.


Update: My Mother in Law called the plumbing company and they're supposed to come by today and replace our Water Heater. They'll probably bill us for it. But I'm not sure that she realizes that they're also going to include labor costs for installing the thing. It's a very stressful end to a very stressful month.
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Okay, so it looks like everythings up to code now with our PC, and so as I said in the last entry I'm going to post part of the Eiflan entry. None of the technical stuff yet, but there's a lot more detailed info than there was before. Because Eiflans are the "human equivalent" in Eifel, I don't think they'll get any racial feats, but I'm not sure yet.

(Eiflan) Eiflan:
Racial Feats -

The most commonly seen race of Eifel, Eiflans are also the newest of the races, having appeared after all other races, and purported to have been sired by the now extinct Alfs. They are extremely versatile people, who can take any class and excell at it with effort and determination. While they are not as adept at magic as the Fey or Undines, they have a talent all their own, being the only living race capable of summoning.

Physical Description: Eiflans have short, somewhat triangular ears. Their skin varys widely, from dark chocolate brown to very pale peach and many shades in between. Eyes can be brown, black, green, blue, grey, hazel, aqua, and even violet. Their hair color is just as varied, and can be even moreso. It can be black, brown, red, blond, even pink, blue, purple and silver. White remains a rare color in Eiflans however. Their clothing seems to have something to do with their profession. With scientific workers dressed in more high-tech looking clothing than their magic-wielding counterparts. Eiflans come in many shapes and sizes ranging from 4'5 to 6'4 at the tallest. Their body structure seems to be just as varied and diverse, with some being shorter and wider and others being more slim or lithe. Eiflans have an average lifespan of 115 - 135 years, they are the shortest lived of the races of Eifel, but for the most part they don't seem to mind.

Region seems to have a lot to do with skin tone, and those living in and around the Melva Desert and Lake Ceria are often darker in skin coloration than those living in Levant and Esmyr. Liyaan and Basque, being port towns and heavy trade locations, have peoples of all races and colors living and working within their city walls.

Outlook: Mostly hardworking, friendly people. Eiflans can at times be highly supersitious, and it can lead to some decidedly silly assumptions. They get along however, and try to make their way through the world as best they can.

Characters: Eiflan characters can take any class, but a small percentage of them are born with the ability to summon. (there should be a percentile roll to see if the Eiflan only has the spark, and needs an artifact and incantation, or if they are a natural born Summoner.)


I've made a decision to start using the grid feature of Photoshop when I'm drawing my lines. This should help me improve and I'm hoping that it will make my drawing look better than they have in the past. There is still a lot to do though. Even after we've gotten done with the Races and Classes and Spells and Monsters, we still need equipment, armor, weapons, items. better descriptions of cities and landmars and maybe even some maps. My brain get's overwhelmed just trying to process it all right here.

And of course after that there's copywrights and finding a publisher and how the hell do we market this?! It's all very scary but also very exciting. It's something so large that I can't even imagine it right now.

Other than the nearly complete Eiflan entry, I've got some rough notes written down on a sketchbook (since we didn't have access to the document), about a new Caste (or subrace) of Fey. These are Deer-like Fauns. They should be good. I'm still waffling about whether I should use the Kappas that I earlier rejected as a basic race for this purpose though. The general fey description is going to have to be re-written now that I've gotten a better grasp on general physical traits (they all have the same type of eyes, for instance).

It's funny when I'm laying down at night I can always thing of what I should write for the next day, but then when I'm here staring at the screen it's all just gone. Water on oil-coated paper..heh. Well it can't be helped I guess. I'm such a visual person. If I had the skill I'd do all my journal entries in comic book form. Since it's so much easier to draw a picture than it is to describe something. I think the problems with my eyelid aren't helping either. And it's been a stressfull month in general. I hope October goes better than this month has. It's nearing the end of the year isn't it...

That reminds me though, on October 3rd, we'll have been living here for an entire year. It's hard to believe. It still feels like we just arrived not too long ago. But I can tell that we've made a home out of this place at least partially because the room doesn't smell strange to me anymore. I wish other things were going that smoothly. I don't feel comfortable in the living room here. But that may just be because we have a TV in here, and for some reason I don't like to be out there when the providers are here taking care of Grandma.

And on that subject, Grandma was recently diagnosed with Shingles, which is a form of Herpes. Since it's contageous, I'm even less inclined to leave my room if I'm not leaving the house entirely. And I refuse to help with the changing. Rachel is paying one of the providers to come over in the evening to help her instead. This is a good thing, because she's got more training and experience than I do. Honestly though I'm still really uncomfortable with having her remain in the house. Not only does she need to be in a place with trained professionals since she's bedridden and has severe dementia, but whenever they change her the air conditioner circulates the smell all through the house and I've come near to vomiting more than once.

But as I always say, things will get better. In fact, in some good news, my Mom is going to send me some clam chowder from Monterey Bay. And when she does she's also going to send us some of the stuff we didn't get to take. A couple of my Books, and some Sees Candies suckers for myself and my M-I-L. So there are some good things coming to us soon. ^.^ Anyway, back to work for me. These entries aren't going to write themselves you know.

Stay safe and be at ease.

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Well, last week I noticed that my eyelid was painfully sore, it hurt everytime I blinked. Concerned that I might have an ingrown eyelash Sker took me to the eye doctor. He told me that it wasn't an ingrown eyelash at all, but actually a pimple (because I have rosasia) that had formed on my eyelid. I was prescribed some antibiotics, and eyedrops. And he told me to put a warm washcloth on it whenever possible. He also told me I should see a dermatologist, which we're going to try and do next month.

In other news, we had to wipe the PC a second time, and now we're going to have to see if the PC killing demon is hiding in our external hard drive. Which means once again, I cannot work on the Emerald Blues campaign book. This is getting frusterating. I try very hard you understand, not to believe in things like the universe being "Out to get me". Because I find that a very self centered view of the universe. But when so many things seem to converge just when I'm starting to make progress, and feel like I might not be wasting my life after all, I find my resolve shaken. I can't give up though. I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't at least try to make something out of my life.

The book itself doesn't look much like a book right now. It's all in a text document, very messy and all. I'm trying to get it more organized but really I don't know how to transform it from txt to something resembling an actual book. I've heard programs like Quark Express can help, but I think I may need to look up a tutorial on how to use it properly. Needless to say, I'm expecting Emerald Blues to take me years to complete. Which is very intimidating, but you know anything worth having is worth working for. For however long it takes.

Maybe I should try and get my own web domain where I can have my own blog? Half of me thinks this would be a good idea. The other half though asks "Who would want to read my bloggings?" Well, maybe people would be interested in any concept art I put up there? I dunno. It's something to think about I guess. I've got most of the characteristics for Eiflans done. Now it's up to my technician to give me things like racial feats, racial abilities, stat bonuses and penalties, and all that other stuff that I don't know a darn thing about.

I'm actually quite lucky that I found someone to help me with that. Someone who understands that what I'm trying to do isn't something that can be accomplished by copypasta'ing stuff that's already been covered in the DnD books. Things don't work the same way in Eifel that they do in Faerun or Ravenloft or the other mainstream D20 worlds. And that's really how it should be. I don't want to make a clone of any of those things.

When I have access to the document again, I'll put some of the new and improved Eiflan racial info up. Hey, if nothing else, maybe it'll attract some interest to [ profile] emerald_blues. Which is almost like my testing ground for the things I'm going to put in the book.

Other than that, I'm getting a Blue PSP, and I got a refund on the money I'd put down on Kingdom Hearts for the DS and got Dissidia with it. I'll have to get KH DS later when I've saved somemore money. I'm also playing Chocobo's Dungeon right now. It's an adorable game and very reminiscant of the old SNES rpgs that I love. I'm also back on Avalon Code again, but I'm still stuck in tha damn Ice Dungeon trying to recover my favorite of the four spirits. I'm going to have to look up an FAQ to make my way through it, because I'm pretty sure I"ve tried everything I can think of and I'm just completely stumped.

Before I head to bed, something from my childhood:

I used to have this when I lived in San Jose, but it was lost when we moved up to Paradise. I loved that thing so much. And lets not forget this little bit of joy here:

That's more my Mom's childhood though (She was thrilled when I told her about it). It amazes me that they're able to do more things like this. Maybe Gigantor will be next? I honestly think that the Speed Racer movie is what made things like this possible. Now lets wait and see if they try and do something with Sailor Moon xD

Well, that's all I have for tonight. Good night my friends! Stay safe, sleep well, and be at ease ^.^

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Okay so, we're going to try and kill and then restore our PC. If this doesn't work, you all may well not see us until we can afford a new computer. So keep your fingers crossed people, and we'll see you on the other side!

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For my Mom, and people who don't have/don't read facebook:

We need 15 people to send us 1000$ to get back to California. I say this because we don't know 15,000 people who can send us 1$ xDD This is a scientifically calculated number that will cover u-haul rental, hotels, gas, and meals between... here and Cali, First Last and Deposit on a place to live, Car and Insurance when we get there, and money to survive on until Sker finds a new job and starts getting payed. xD

Since I know of no one who can send me 1000$, let alone 15 people capable of such a feat, we're calling this the 4 year escape plan. Because my M-I-L, bless her soul, is just a thearapist's visit away from being a clinically diagnosed hoarder. And we don't want to be buried in the pile of useless things she continues to collect and will not let go of. She's already filled her room, and now she's starting on the livingroom too ._.||

Yesterday, she yelled at us for suggesting that she get rid of a desk someone gave her a day or two ago that we don't have room for. It was dumbfounding. Here she is, at 65, yelling and sticking her tongue out and slamming doors at though she's an angry 10 year old. She never once gave a reasonable reason why she should keep the desk. My husband, at 28, was acting more mature and calm than his 65 year old mother. We tried to explain that there are people who might need that desk more than we do, that there are kids in the situation we used to be in, with their PC sitting on the floor of their bedroom. Her response was basically 'well tough shit for them."

I feel like going out into the living room tonight and putting the show "hoarders" on. But I know it'll just start shit that I don't want to deal with. So yeah...4 year escape plan. It's a shame really, this is a beautiful house, and I love the yard. I'm going to miss Linda too. She's a nice lady and very cool to talk to. I find it awesome that I'm related to her by marriage. But it's not enough to keep us here. And I won't be yelled at for behaving like a rational human being.

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So, my writing and art programs are all dead, and now we have no desktop icons, no taskbar, and no start menu. We're having to open things using Windows Task Manager. This problem doesn't seem to be fixable, since we can't do a system restore either. In fact we can't even load the Microsoft webpage. So until we get a new PC, we're pretty much fucked. So I'm putting the message out here and on Jett inc and on facebook. Hopefully if I put it in all three locations someone will actually see it :9

I have to say though that this really bothers me. I can't work on the D20 book without any writing programs. I can do minimal stuff like writing notes by hand, but I'm not a writer and the information I've gathered on the computer has been an over time process, because it's hard to keep my thoughts in order.

As for the art, I can go back to using paper of course. But it makes my skin crawl thinking about all the unfinished projects I have on my flash drive that I can't touch because my art programs are dead. It makes me feel like a failure again. For not being able to do the art or any of the writing for this book.

But then maybe this is just one of those things, where the universe tells you no. My friends are right. I'm not special, I'm just there. My art doesn't stand out. The soul I try to imbue it with rolls off in droplets, sliding away from my art like rain falling on oil coated waterproof paper.

But I can't stop. What would be left of me if I did? I have no other talents, I don't have a place I can go swimming right now. What kind of life is this? Just sitting here at this crippled computer all day. I feel as much a prisoner here as Sker's Grandmother, lying bedridden staring at the ceiling all day.

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Sep. 3rd, 2009 01:23 pm
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Check out my awesome new journal name? xDD

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Quite possibly the most Cliche superhero name I have ever heard...ever.

Crimson Phantom Vengeance




EDIT: Also found this;

"Spider-Man, while fighting alongside Night Thrasher and The Punisher, responded to their insults to his name with "Oh please! Insults from someone who sounds like he has naughty nighttime dreams and another who sounds like he wants to spank people?!"


Aug. 26th, 2009 03:23 am
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Today's WTF Moment is brought to you by TVtropes, in the examples section of the entry for Godmode Sue:

"The Brazilian Mega Man comic (yes, there is such an animal) had Princess, a character created by a "mad writer" to "kill all the characters and take over the comic". Literally. Yes, the writer was going to write Princess killing the entire Megaman cast, taking over the comic and turning it into his own original work. The editor found out and fired him after issue 5."

Thank you, and Goodnight.

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So guess what?

Yep, that right, I am sick.

Horribly, stupidly sick.

I've got a sore throat, stuffed up nose, headache, weird body tempurature, and I can't talk all.
I hate it when this happens. It slows down everything I want to do. So much to do and this is just holding me back.
Anyway, if I feel any better tomorrow I'll come back with an update.

You all take care of yourselves. Don't wind up like me :9



Aug. 20th, 2009 10:39 am
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Of the song "Adelaide", by Ben Folds!
Just bein silly here. Don't mind me xD

anime )

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So, I woke up yesterday to discover that all my plans were basically nullified, as our internet AND phones were out for the entire day and most of the night. Thus it is 8:02am, I have not slept, and I have not gotten to do any of the rp posting that I wanted to. Because I didn't get to talk to the people I'm in threads with about what they wanted to do for scenes. Sker is also apologetic, as he didn't get to do any of his posts either, and is now at work for the day. It's the weekend after today though, so he should be able to post then. I did get to do some drawing yesterday, and I read the incredibly awesome Futaba-kun Change! Manga, which, I'm almost ashamed to say, I enjoyed more than Ranma 1/2 despite the similar themes and art styles.

In other news, Sker and I finished the normal campaign mode of Halo 3 yesterday. And after going through it all and reading the world lore on the Halo wiki, I can honestly say the only really interesting parts of that game came from me and Sker MST3King the shit out of it throughout the whole thing. That game, and really the series in general, if what I read on the wiki is to be believed, is filled to the brim with every scifi/army cliche they could have come up with, and a couple new one's just for good measure. The dialouge is terrible, and Master Chief and Cortana are two of the biggest Marysue/Marty Stu characters I've ever come across. Which from my reading describes just about every Spartan really. Just a big ol' Sue-fest.

After reading through some of the wiki entries though, I did adopt a Spartan. ( I like to do that with at least one character in any series I go through). Her name is Alice 130. And what I read of her was much less Suetiful than the other Spartans. In short, she sounded like a character I could get behind.

And Speaking of character I can get into, I think the game would have been much more improved (the 2 player version anyway), if they're been less dialouge, but the ability to create name your own character, you know...maybe using the armor that they give you that you can only see the color of in the edit or local party modes? >,< Of course, Spartan armor that actually looks like it's being worn by a WOMAN when you set your gender to femal wouldn't have killed them either. Of course knowing the type of people that make these kinds of games, it would more likely than not have been either the "armor bikini", or the "armor thong". And you know, if you want to make armor that doesn't emphasize the figure that much, that's fine. But at least take into account that Women have a different bone structure than Men. Seriously, our hips are shaped differently. Men's armor is not going to be comfortable on women.


I just looked at my internet box, and the lights are out again. TEF.

Eventually, it should come back on so I can post this. But judging by yesteday and last night, It's going to be a while...

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Up all night, reading TV tropes again. And responding to rps where necessary. xD

Purple Prose

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Also I would like a rename token for this journal. ._.||


Jul. 22nd, 2009 06:20 am
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Well, I'm back from HCN, which was awesome until they decided that their site wasn't complete without a ridiculously clad piece of eye candy plastered all over their site header. Seriously there's no way to escape her. Not even on your own damned profile. Where once there was a header customized by you, now there's just 'Look at my Cleavage', on a background of BRIGHT BLUE. >,<

I mean really, they could have done ANYTHING else nerd related. Dragons, Robots, Aliens. Heck they could have done a girl like the awesome Samus Aran. But they didn't. They took the typical lets make all the girls feel awkward here way. Which one of the staff members tried to defend to me by pointing out that there were tons of girl on the site staff. I can't imagine that not one of them had a complaint about this. Some of the GUY users on the site, my husband included, had complaints about this change.

Supposedly this is a character that's going to have some kind of story on the site, and they'll be changing her clothes, so I'll check back there next year maybe and see if she's managed to learn how to dress like a compotent person. And the worst part is, I was actually having a nice night until I decided to check my HCN account and was reminded that if you're smart and pretty you must have your cleavage exposed at all times.

So, on to happier things yes? Firstly, I've been having a blast reading TV Tropes. Check this out:

The examples they give are hilarious and just crack me right up. I could spend hours (and I have) just hopping from one trope to another as I expand my knowledge of all things stereotypical.

In other news, I may actually be making headway into Emerald Blues: The D20 system. Provided that it doesn't just fall to the wayside. And I have an official Eifel Wiki now, which can be found here:

As ever, it's a work in progress. I'm supposed to write more monster entries soon but I've hit a bit of a writers block in the description department. Not too surprising, since I was never much of a writer to begin with. Also, the Emerald Blues Roleplay is always in need of new players. Especially now that we have a bit of a player drought going on.

As for the D20 system though, I'm tenetively working with someone from Deviantart who knows more about game systems than I do. It's looking more and more though like I'm going to have to design the character sheet for the game myself, knowing no one who is talented in that area and is willing to help me on this. ._.||

After losing his previous job, Sker has another interview lined up. We're hoping to god that this works out. Idealy he'll get a Data Entry job, which he has 5 years experience with and excells at, but really any kind of employment will do as long as it's not phone related customer service. He really can't take the stress of being yelled at by usually moronic strangers all day long x.x

My DeviantArt has been updated a few times, mostly with stuff relating to the aforementioned Eifel and Emerald Blues. I did a lovely sketch of Zetsumei the other day that I'm kind of proud of, considering my usual crappiness when it comes to drawing the opposite gender.

I guess that's all the news and/or ranting I have to do for now. If anyone's still listening, have a great day!

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HCN is down right now, so you all get to put up with this.

Some very personal stuff. )
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I made this to help get peoples attention! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to join the event myself xDD

Super Charity GO!! )

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Okay I know you guys haven't heard from me in a long time, and there's a good reason. This is where I'm doing all my non-roleplay related blogging from these days:

Jett at Hardcore Nerdity!!

So if you want to catch up on all the latest Jett news, thats the place to look. Of course, if you want to catch up on all the latest Jett ROLEPLAY news, it's still right here at [ profile] jett_inc_ooc.

And since I haven't posted here in a while, let me just take a moment to let all you wayward souls know that we're gearing up for our second event in [ profile] mdc_multiverse, which is X-men related! So if you've got the itch to play and X-man or woman, head on over to Jett inc already :D

And if you're looking for something a little more 'original' and 'magical', there's still [ profile] emerald_blues, Home of the ever-growing world of Eifel. Now with Mini WIki!!!

So I hope to see you all again soon. *waves* And don't worry, I'll still peruse my FList over here :9 Bye for now!

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