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So, some of you may not know, but Friday, November 20th was [ profile] sker and my 5th anniversary. And it was more than I ever could have thought possible. We left the house almost before the sun was even out, and went down to IHOP for breakfast. I had eggnog pancakes and they were AWESOME. Eggnog + Pancake devinitely = win. Sker got Blueberry pancakes but with the blueberry compote on top and the blueberry syrup it was just too much blueberry for him. So we took the leftovers home and left them in the fridge for the M-I-L to have later. I had a little fight with her after that, because I asked "How do we get to the humane society" and she responded with "NO, you are not going to get a dog". After which I responded with "I'm 29, if I want to spend my own money on a Dog I will. But I didn't ask about that, I asked how to get to the humane society". She ignored me and went to the kitchen, I went into the bedroom extremely upset, and Sker went to the kitchen to have some very tense words with her about how we're just going to go look at the animals and she better get her ass in gear and appologize for making my cry on this of all days.

So she did, and we got directions and after one other minor mishap wherein I discovered my favorite jeans had a big hole worn into the ass from over use, we were on our way. The Humane society doesn't open until noon around here, so we took off to the pet store down the street, which was kind of shady and I may get a camera phone and report them in the future, and then to PetSmart, where we went into the adoptable kitty room and loved on all the animals there because animals like those need all the love and cuddles we can give them. We also got some chewy treats for our own kitties and then we were away again. We went to target and looked at jeans, but they only go up to size 18 there and I'm a 20. I got a nice shirt though, and got some flannel pants and a cool hoodie for Sker. Contemplated getting a drink from their little soda fridges but decided not to, then we were off again. We went to Gamestop, and I picked up Final Fantasy Tactics for my PSP. The new cutscenes are GORGEOUS btw. I found out that RO DS will be arriving in Feb. Which I'm thrilled over.

Finally made it back to the Humane Society and looked at all the puppies and kitties. They don't let you touch them down here though because they want to prevent diseases from spreading due to people petting multiple animals without using hand sanitizer in between. After that, we went back home to take a break and I took one hell of a nap. When I woke up, it was evening and time for dinner. We went to Uchi, I think one of two sushi places in town (this is excluding the Grocery Store). It was beautiful. The atmosphere, the sushi counter, everything was wonderfull. All of the Nigiri I ordered was perfectly arranged and sooo fresh. Grocery Store sushi is alright when you need a fix, but nothing no.thing. beats sushi prepared in an actual sushi restaurant. I had so much Unagi, and Ikura, and Sweet Ebi, and Sake (Thats Salmon, not the rince wine). and even some Hamachi. And with the sweet ebi, just like at Gen Kai they tempura fried the shrimp heads. Those antennae and legs are so crunch and good! The service was realy good too, though I had to keep telling different waiters that I still needed my menu because I wasn't done ordering sushi yet. They need a paper and pen system like Gen Kai had, where you mark what you want and then when you want more you grab another paper and mark more. Sker had a big plate of Teriyaki Chicken and was equally impressed. For dessert, we ordered tempura ice cream and it was fantastic too. We couldn't finish it though cause we were pretty full by that time.

After that wonderfull meal, we went to Walmart and I got 2 gaia cash cards, then we stopped at Gamestop one more time and Sker got 50$ worth of Xbox Live points. Then we went home and I used my cards and he used his points and I think eventually we went to sleep.

I think that may have been the best day of my life. I was out for most of the day with my favorite person and even with the small hitches at the beginning this day was so overwhelmingly great that the next day the only thing we could do was absolutely NOTHING. We just hung around our room and I read GaiaOnline's Site Feedback to see everyone rallying to get the tabacco related items put back into the gold shops after one really pathetic and kind of confusing announcement on Friday aobut them trying to "protect our pixelated lungs". It was extremely abrupt and while usually they give people some time before they remove things, this time they just yanked the cigarette, cigar, kiseru, pipe, and long drag items out of the shops and soulbound (I.E. they can't be traded or sold for those of you that don't use GO) all the ones that people already owned. Needless to say, people are furious because it interfieres with how creative they can be with their little avatars. Even I'm kind of dissapointed, both at the way this was executed and the fact that I'll never get a long drag for my Breakfast at Tiffanys cosplay now.

But anyroad, after all that awesome, you know the crash was going to be epic right? And indeed it was. For today I awoke to the sound of my M-I-L dropping a pan or three in the kitchen at least twice, then went to the restroom only to discover that my yearly cycle has arrived. And not only that, but for the first time in probably 18 years, it's a normal cycle. That means I feel like shit today. My stomach is knoted and crampy and I'm all tired and blah. Also I have a cough and a scratchy throat. I don't think I'm coming down with anything but who knows. Also also our cat Rei seemed really lethargic last night and I was worried about him. It seems he's gone outside now and I think only time will tell if he returns or not. Sker has a headache, and his asleep right now.

I was however able to use my card last night to get somemore GC and I took advantage of a 50% off sale they're having on Gaia for Aquarium Fish to make a tidy gold profit on the user Marketplace, which brought me many cool items that I can use to arrange my avatar however I want to. So even if I'm feeling physically bad right now, I can't say I feel emotionally bad. Not after Friday. And even this will end eventually. Even if I do have to wear my girl-diaper for a few days.

And to think, next week is Thanks Giving too! When I'll be making pies and my Ham and Cheese dip and all kinds of other yummy things! <3

In other (less important) news, I've been trying to eat less dairy because I think I might be somewhat lactose intolerant. So on Saturday I made the Tuna Noodle Casserole for Sker and instead of using regular milk I used soy milk. I'm happy to say it turned out perfect! Neither of us noticed a change in the taste or texture, so I should be able to use it for more cooking purposes in the future. I took a sniff when I opened the carton though and I have to say I don't think I'll be eating cereal with it. It smells like it wouldn't taste right if I tried to drink it on it's own. My Mom is going to send me some Quinoa bars too. I'm so excited!

This has really been a beautiful weekend. I'm so happy right now. I hope everyone around me can experience something eaqually wonderfull...or even moreso. Be safe my friends. Live well.

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