Oct. 20th, 2009 03:28 pm
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When I was a child, I was very close friends with a girl. She was the only friend I had. And I've talked about that before I think. But now...nowadays I feel like I'm doing nothing more than intruding in her busy life. And as much as she acts like she wants to keep in touch with me, I can't help but notice that all the conversations we've had on facebook have been ones that I've started. And there's a feeling that if she didn't feel guilty for the pile of crap that went on during high school I probably wouldn't be on her friends list at all. So I'm considering just dropping her off my list. I'm not mad at her or anything, see, I forgave her for all that stuff years ago. But I'm not going to just hang around and hope that she gives me attention, like a puppy at the dinner table begging for scraps. ^.^|||

Now, on to other things. The end of Octobre is approaching, and soon it will be time to carve a pumpkin and set out candy, which my husband and I will spend the next few month eating because we never get trick or treaters xDD But more importantly than that, it's almost Sker and my 5 year anniversary (Nov. 20th). And THAT means I need to decide what I'm going to give my husband as a gift. Just imagine, 5 years married, 10 years as a couple. We've been through a lot. And even though this isn't a decade of marriage, I still want it to be special.

No one's posting in Emerald Blues anymore. I keep trying to encourage people but no one seems to have any interest in rping with each other. I can't be the only person people rp with. I don't have that kind of energy >,< We have a whole group of people, dammit I wish they would communicate with each other. Or I could set up a chat room somewhere where we could all get together and plot and what have you. I tried to do this on MIRC before but some of our players refuse to compromise and so won't get MIRC >,< The book is thankfully going better, though I haven't worked on much art for it lately. We're still dealing with the text portion which at the moment is more important. The Bard class that I thought we couldn't work into the world physics of Eifel is actually becoming feasable now, and moreso, I'm even excited about how it's looking. The professional class isn't going as well though. >,< But you know, we can't have everything ^.^|| I think it should be turned into a class like the Exotic Weapon Master in the DnD book the Complete Warrior.

On a random note, I just as an ancient gold depiction of the Arc of the Covenant on the History Channel. It was a pretty amazing program I have to say. They found the mountain that Moses recieved the commandments on. It even has the remains of a natural spring at the top of it. I guess Rin was right. At some point, trying to disprove God becomes unscientific. *snicker* xD

So, my M-I-L and I, are supposed to alternate with cooking during the week. I do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and she does Tuesday and Thursday. The weekends are pretty much everyone's on their own. However, while she's oh so quick to remind me of my days, more often than not she doesn't do any cooking on the two days she agreed to. It's very frustrating. Even today she didn't get anything out for dinner, and I know I'm going to have to take up the slack for her or we won't have anything to eat tonight. I wouldn't mind taking over all the cooking if it meant that I was in charge of what groceries we buy every month. Then at least I'd be sure we were getting enough food for the whole month, and that we won't be having the same meal 7 our of every 14 days.

Which brings me to my late-mid-year resolution. We're going to try and start getting breakfast for Sker every morning, so he'll have more energy during the day. And then he won't need as larg portions at dinner time. Now if we could just get a gym membership things would really be going well. But unfortunately we have to buy a car first >,<

And M-I-L just came in and asked why I haven't gotten any meat out for dinner yet....>,<

So here we go again.


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