Jan. 11th, 2010


Jan. 11th, 2010 11:47 am
mangacide: (ZKK-101)
Not these. Things like this are usually meant to be seen by someone. Otherwise people wouldn't put them online at all.

But real, physical diaries. Those are amazing things.

I have a diary that belonged to my late Father, there are very few entries in it. In fact I think it may have been the last journal he ever kept. I take it out and read it sometimes. It's a comfort to me. Because it's like I know more about him through that than I learned while I was growing up. I can see, with the ink on paper writing, how I'm like him in so many ways. And the places where I'm different as well. I think real physical diaries are the only way to really know and understand another person. In a place like this, where people know and expect other people to read their writings, there can be an element of falsehood added to the words. People are writing for an audience after all, and not for themselves. Plus they will omit and censor things they don't want said others to know about. So it's not the same as an actual diary.

Earlier I suddenly got a toothache. How strange...


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